What is the bike 2 work scheme?
The bike 2 work scheme is an incentive by the government to encourage people to use bikes to cycle to and from work. Effectively, the scheme subsidises the cost of the bike up to 52%. There is a limit of €1,250 for normal bikes and €1,500 for ebikes
What does my employer have to do?
Once your employer has the invoice for your bike and equipment, they can pay by bank transfer, cheque or credit card. Once payment is received, you can come and collect your bike.
What if I want to buy a bike that costs more than the limit?
No problem. In this scenario you will need to pay the excess yourself with your employer paying the €1,250 or €1,500 in the case of the ebike.
What can I buy on the bike to work scheme?
Bike, helmets, accessories, bike locks, repair kits, bike delivery cost. All the information from the revenue regarding the bike scheme can be found here.

You can purchase a bike on the Cycle to Work scheme directly from our website.

Just follow the simple steps as follows:

  1. Select your bike and accessory items and place them in the basket on our website.
  1. Once you are happy with your purchases, go to the checkout page.
  1. Fill in your details as normal and ensure you also input your employer name and address.
  1. At the bottom of the checkout page ensure you select the ‘Purchase on the Bike 2 Work Scheme’ complete your order by clicking ‘Place Order’.

Shortly after, you will receive an email with an invoice attached which you can bring to your employer. Once your employer makes the payment for your bike and accessories, you can come and collect your bike.

Alternatively, you can call into our shop and one of our staff members will walk you through the process and provide you with a physical invoice for your employer.