Whether you need a new bike, a bike service or just advice, we consider ourselves lucky to offer help from our shop in the heart of Galway City.


The West Ireland Bike Shop is run by husband and wife team, John & Siobhan Kennedy and staff from our bike shop and home in the heart of Galway City. The business is part of a long family tradition, spanning 3 generations, of providing bike services to the people of Galway. We are proud to offer a variety of bike related services including new bike sales, expert bike repair, bike and equipment hire and a full cycling holiday service around our favourite place in the world, the west of Ireland.

Matt is our shop manager and  expert head mechanic. There is no bike problem he cannot solve! He moved to Ireland from Poland in 2005 for what was supposed to be a short mini adventure overseas. He liked Galway so much, almost 20 years later he is still here.  Despite his youthful appearance, Matt is an expert bike mechanic with over 20 years hands-on experience servicing all types of bikes. In his younger days he raced with the Polish cycling team and now loves nothing more than helping people get out and cycling around Galway.

Our family business was originally started as a bike shop on the University grounds in Galway by Jimmy Codd in the 1970’s under the name ‘Europa Cycles’. Jimmy was an enterprising guy and was involved in setting up many businesses in Galway, one of which was Aer Arann, the local regional air service to the Aran Islands which still exists today.

Jimmy ran the bike shop in the University for decades and was passionate about bikes and especially introducing the local people to the joys of bike riding. Many of Galway’s locals have fond memories of purchasing their first bike in Jimmys neighbourhood bike shop when they were young.

 A pioneer in the cycling tourism field, Jimmy was fluent in Gaelic (Irish language) and was passionate about all aspects of Irish culture and tradition. There was nothing he loved more than bringing people cycling in rural Connemara long before Cycling Tourism became a ‘thing’.

 Jimmy worked in the bike business well into his 70’s in the early 2000’s when he was joined by his nephew Liam Codd. Liam, a very charismatic man, brought the business into the digital age and launched a cycling holiday website, bringing West Ireland Cycling into the modern era. From here the business grew rapidly, and Liam became well known and well loved by people all over the world for his passion for cycling and introducing people to the joys of cycling holidays in Ireland. An avid animal lover, Liam is remembered well by the locals in Galway with his dog Hatchi by his side.

Sadly, Liam passed away suddenly in 2016 which came as a huge shock to his family and friends. Without Liam at the helm, the business closed down with the loss of staff, stock and premises.

Shortly after Liams passing, the business was revived by his niece Siobhan and her husband John, who had recently returned to Ireland with their 3 young children from Australia. 

John was born in Galway city, grew up in County Mayo and has family from County Clare and has strong connections to the west of Ireland. Siobhan, a native of County Tipperary was only too happy to settle down in Galway, one of the best cities in the world.

Moving our family to live in Galway was one of the best decisions of our lives.

Over the years, we have had many great times and faced many tough times too. We love helping the locals experience the joy of cycling and helping visitors to our beautiful island experience the best of Irish culture and cycling routes. We would be delighted to help you out in any way you need.