Our most frequently asked questions are below. If you do not find an answer here, just drop us an email.

Can I buy my bike on the Bike to Work scheme?

Yes. You can spend up tp €1,250 on a regular [pedal bike and up to €1,500 on an e-bike.

What does Pre-order my bike mean?

When a bike is available to pre-order, it means we are awaiting a shipment from the bike manufacturer or we can place an order for that bike with the bike manufacturer. It is possible for customers to purchase these bikes in advance of arrival. Due to the situation with Covid19, the delivery dates for bikes is longer than usual and varies depending on make and model. Please get in touch with us to get the correct delivery time for preorders. Sometimes we may not have the exact bike you want in our shop but it is available to order from the bike dealer warehouse. 

Do you service and repair bikes?

Yes, our expert mechanics provide a full bike repair service in our workshop in Galway city centre.

How do I choose the correct size bike?

Each bike listed on our website has a ‘Size and Fitting’ information tab. The Size and Fitting tab is provided by the bike manufactures and will be good enough to select to correct size bike in 99% of cases. If you are of such height or size that you fall in the middle of 2 different sizes, we advise to select the smaller size bike. Smaller bikes can be adjusted with seat raises and handlebar extensions but if a big is too big for you, it may not be possible to make it fit. If in doubt, feel free to come to our shop to take the bike for a test ride.

What if I buy the wrong size bike?

We advise all our customers to pay attention to the ‘Size and Fitting’ tab under each bike listed on our website. If you buy a bike and it is the wrong size, we will happily swap it our for a more appropriately sized bike, provided we have the other size bike in stock. Extra delivery charges may apply if we have delivered the bike to you.

When will the 2021 bike stock arrive?

We are expecting our first shipment of 2021 bikes to arrive in December 2020. The majority or our new stock will arrive in Jan to March 2021. We are taking preorders for bikes, so please get in touch if you would like to reserve a bike. Please be aware, due to the exceptional circumstances with Covid19 and huge increase in demand, globally, we expect the shortage of bikes to last well into 2022.